This is NOT a hobby

When was the last time you paid yourself from your business?  Think about it for a minute or look it up.  Do you pay yourself regularly?  And if you do, is that a proper salary or just a bare minimum to get by?
Hard as it is to hear, if you are not paying yourself, your business is just a very expensive hobby.  And if it’s a hobby, you aren’t making the money you need to live the life you want.  And you feel like you are working really hard, doing all the things, and not getting anywhere.  I think other people close to you can play into it as well, not taking it seriously as a business and expecting you to take on more at home or be the one to take time off when the kids are sick.
Sit down and work out what you need to take out of your business on a monthly basis.  What is the minimum and what is the nice to have.  What bills do you need to pay? 
Then look at what your business is doing each...
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Business Growth by Numbers is 2!

birthday business freelance Feb 18, 2020
This week Business Growth by Numbers turned 2!  I can’t believe I’ve been in business that long really.  I never thought I would set up my own business when I left my corporate job.  But then I discovered that they wouldn’t offer the flexibility I would want with my kids and thought why not?  I didn’t need the employment benefits any longer (no more kids!) and decided to take the plunge.
To say it has been a whirlwind would be an understatement!  I have learned about lead magnets, sales funnels, blogs, websites, newsletters, passive income and so much more.  Plus I have discovered I love working at home as long as I have loads of Zoom calls each day.  My husband hears me say “I’m just going on a call” a lot!
What I have learned is that you need support and cheerleaders along the way.  Everything from having an amazing virtual assistant (Louise Mackie), to email marketing and websites...
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Stepping out of your comfort zone

How do you show up in your business?  Are you out there getting known for what you do and going big, or are you hiding at home behind your laptop?
It feels really uncomfortable, doesn’t it, to get out there and be visible in your business.  One of my key words for 2020 is visibility, but I’m happiest sitting behind my laptop screen with a spreadsheet!  But its not going to grow my business, or help my personal development.
I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone A LOT recently.  I ran the 5 day challenge in my Strength in Numbers group, despite having never run one before, and having never done a Facebook live before.  I find broadcast lives really hard, as the interaction isn’t there and it’s a struggle to talk to myself (although my husband would probably disagree!).  I love live interactive calls, but I only discovered this by doing them for my course.  They are also really important for my...
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Dreaming big in your business

business dreams goals Feb 05, 2020
What are your dreams?  What would financial freedom in your business look like to you?  Is it more flexibility to spend time with your kids?  Is it being able to do your work from anywhere, including a beach somewhere?  Do you want to have a huge business with lots of employees?
I think people don’t think enough about what they ultimately want out of their business for their lifestyle, but this can dramatically affect how much they need or want to take out of their business on a regular basis.  It can also affect how much you earn.  For example, if you are a mum and want to work less in the holidays, you are likely to earn less (unless you have passive income, but more on that another day).
For me, my dream is to be able to have some of the holidays off and only work 4 days a week in term time.  I’m not there yet, but I’m working towards it.  I have clear steps that I’m following in order to build my...
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Money mindset

Why do you find difficult to manage your business numbers? Is it because you were told at school you were bad at maths? Is it because you’re just terrible with money?  Have you had debt in the past?
These things do not have to be true in the future. However, it is also true that many, many business owners start their business without any real idea about how to manage their numbers. It is one of the most critical part of your business.  You need to manage the numbers carefully but often you set up and run your business without any experience with the numbers.  Many people never take any courses or undertake training in this as they just sort of expect to be able to manage it. 
I feel the same way that a lot of you feel about numbers about marketing and recording videos. It feels me with dread and I put off doing it as much as I possibly can. However, I know my business won’t grow if I don’t do my marketing and to this end I’ve...
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Cash Management

Have you heard the expression “Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is king”.
It’s a phrase used a lot in the accounting world and one that holds true almost all of the time.  If you don’t manage your cash you will not have a business.  “6 figure” sums are always talking about revenue and are amazing but you have no idea if they have 6 figure costs at all or are turning a profit.  You also have to run the business you have, not the one you want, to ensure your costs don’t run away with you.
You must also be careful not to manage just your actual bank balance all of the time, as this includes amounts due for tax, payroll, supplier payments.  It also does not account for invoices that your customers have not paid you for yet.
Managing your business on a cash basis for day-to-day practical management of your business numbers is a perfectly good way to do things. However, you must always make...
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Know how much to put away for your tax bill

tax tax return Jan 16, 2020
So here we are it’s a new year and I’m now looking at my tax return and thinking I’ve got it all under control.
Obviously I have because I’m an accountant and it would be foolish if I have not already completed my tax return ready to pay in the next couple of weeks, however lots of people find this time of the year really stressful.
It’s obviously a time when you haven’t got very much money post-Christmas. Maybe you worked less in December, so earned less plus the money that comes in early January will just about tide you through until the end of January without a tax bill.
It’s a time where people worry a lot about money and it’s something that is really important to manage in your business. If you don’t manage your money carefully then you can be hit by an unexpected tax bill in January at any time when you least need it.
Don’t ever be afraid of your tax bill again and be sure that you know...
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